Creature Comforts: This Fall's Biggest Design Trends Are Peak Cozy

Everybody knows that fall is prime time for pumpkin spice, crackling fires, and oh-so-many plaid Pendleton blankets. But why settle for what everyone does? We scratched autumn's surface just a bit to unearth a few looks that aren't quite so...basic.

This year's autumn decor trends are undeniably cozy, yes...but with a twist. These are the freshest looks for your home this fall, so you can curl up in style.

1. Separated Spaces

When it comes to floor plans, all home buyers want open, open, open, right? Not so much these days, reveals Justin Riordan, interior designer and found of the Portland, OR-based home staging company, Spade and Archer Design Agency.

"Starting this season, there's a real demand for a return to the traditional layout, including a closed-off kitchen, dining space, and a separate living room," he says. "The great room is no longer en vogue and is instead being replaced by a well-defined core entryway, living room, dining room, and eat-in kitchen."

"Surprisingly, we are also seeing a serious lack of television in the main formal living room," he adds. "Instead, we are seeing the TV tucked away in a media room, either in the basement or on an upper floor away from guests' eyes and ears."

So why the change? Riordan thinks with all that's going on in the world, we're retreating more...and want dedicated spaces for private conversations.

"The traditional layout lends itself to concentrated intimate interactions with the people we love and choose to spend our time with," he says.

2. Burnt Orange

If you're planning to refresh your walls this season, you might want to think about painting over your off-white lacquer in favor of something with a bit more color, says Kate Spiro, an interior designer in New York City. Yes, this one veers dangerously close to pumpkin spice territory, but hey...there's a reason why the orangey hue is so perfect for fall.

"Muted earth tones like rust, nude, and beige have become the new neutral, and burnt orange is a continuation of this trend," Spiro says. "Burnt orange can instantly brighten up a room and breathe new life into your space. This color will be popping up everywhere for fall."

Add burnt orange strategically, preferably on an accent wall in your space, Spiro recommends.

"This will create more impact and feel more modern than using this color in excess," she says.

If you don't want to paint, you can also seek out burnt orange handcrafted ceramics, vases, textured pillows, or other decorative accents.

3. Chaise Lounges

You probably remember the comfort of your family's La-Z-Boy. Well, the chaise lounge is the new comfy armchair, and it offers the perfect respite after a long day, says Annabel Joy, Co-founder of Trim Design Co., in Massachusetts.

"These long chairs are back in a big way," she says. ("Chaise lounge" is derived from chaise longue, which is French for "long chair.") "They're showing up in boutique hotels, private homes, and all the design magazines. It's really no surprise...wouldn't you rather lounge than sit as you read that book? And who doesn't secretly wish they could fling themselves dramatically down onto a chaise when their family members are driving them nuts?"

Joy recommends using an elegant chaise lounge as an accent piece in a master bedroom or living room, and looking around antique and vintage shops for a custom piece. (They've been around since Napoleonic times!)

"There are plenty of new models popping up in showrooms, but we prefer sourcing a vintage piece with great liens and transforming it with a fresh upholstery job," she says.

4. Suzani prints

Haven't heard of suzani yet? You'll soon be seeing this textile pattern everywhere as it becomes the print of the season, Joy explains.

Suzani is a type of embroidered tribal textile...usually cotton base, adorned with silk or cotton thread in various sun, moon, and floral motifs, she explains. It's traditionally made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and other Central Asian countries, but you can find it at online retailers like Etsy.

Suzani looks beautiful on a bedspread, wall hanging, throw pillow, window treatment, or bed canopy, Joy says. It can also be used to upholster furniture like chairs, benches, ottomans and headboards.

"The large scale and bold colors of suzani are an excellent complement to the maximalist trend, and we love how this textile feels both traditional and bohemian at once," Joy says.

Source: - Jane Chertoff

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