Thoughtful Thursdays

This time of year, especially this year, I am constantly getting this question from future sellers..."Should I list now? Or should I wait until a stronger market in the Spring?" Normally the market starts to heat up in the spring months, even as early as late February to early March. This year, it looks like the market is already starting to warm...and it's only the first full week of the year after the holidays! Every agent that I've spoken to says that buyers are out there and appropriately priced listings are seeing a lot of activity and even multiple offers already.

If you are looking to buy a home this year, I'M TALKING TO YOU TOO!

You should start looking NOW so you can beat out the competition and avoid multiple offer situations while you still can. Industry experts are saying that 2020 will be a great real estate year and then sometime in 2021, we will start to see a slow down again.


If selling your house, buying, upgrading, downsizing or something in between is on your radar for 2020, DON'T WAIT! Let's see what your house is worth and get it on the market NOW! Let's get out there and start looking for your first or next home! Contact Root River Realty today!

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