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CONGRATULATIONS! You are having a baby...or getting married...or just landed that new job across the country that you've been working on for months! On the other hand, maybe you're recently divorced or your youngest child has now flown the coop and you're an empty-nester. Regardless of what the occasion, you might be re-assessing your current living situation and thinking if you need to make a change with that as well.

According to the United States Census Bureau and independent studies, the average American moves about eleven times during their lives. People move for a lot of different job, going off to college, cheaper rent, etc. In addition to that, the average person purchases three homes throughout their lifetime. The catalyst behind buying a home is usually a major life change, such as marriage, having a baby, job change or divorce.

Like the game of Life, we start out on our own, as a young adult, and evolve down our path, whether that is starting a family or a career. Our housing choices evolve with us. We usually start out renting an apartment or house with a roommate (or if you're like me...4 roommates, haha) and then eventually moving on to renting your own apartment or maybe with your significant other that you've found by that point. As our lives continue, we experience changes...our families might expand and we need more room for children or extended family, so we buy or first home and possibly a second as the family continues to grow. Along the way, we may hit some bumps, such as job changes or maybe even divorce, and need to reassess how much we can afford with our monthly expenses and your housing option may need to be cut least for a period of time. So, you sell your home and downsize to a more affordable one or you rent for a while, so you aren't locked into home ownership. As time goes by, we advance in our careers and along with that, comes a higher we can upgrade our housing. The kids grow up and start to move out to continue the cycle in their own lives and now you think...why do I have this huge house? To spend hours of my newly discovered free time cleaning it? NO! So, you call me again and we put your home on the market, sell it and find you a smaller, more manageable home or condo so you can use the "nest egg" that you've accumulated in equity over the years to go travel the world or start that side hustle that you've always wanted to try out.

What's the point?!? Life is full of change. I am here to help you every step of the way. So, PLEASE REACH OUT TO ME. Let's figure it out together...chances are, I've helped many people in your same situation, so I have the answers to help with whatever stresses and concerns are looming over your head and keeping you awake at night.

In the wishes for whatever life throws at you and I hope to hear from you all sometime soon!

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