Small Business Saturday: Oniomania

Updated: Aug 27, 2020


Definition - an obsessive or uncontrollable urge to buy things.

This cute shop sure does live up to its name. There are so many unique and eclectic items that you can't help but buy one or two before you leave. The owner, Andrea, can be found at the shop most days and if you see sure to say "hi"!

Under normal, non-COVID conditions, Andrea is flying across the country attending various vendor shows to bring back the super cool items that you will find in her store. One of my favorite items in my daughter's nursery is a beautiful, hand-made mobile which has felt covered hot air balloons and rainbows. My daughter is almost two and she still loves looking at it and points up with her little finger and says "bow" (rainbow). Many of the items at Oniomania are hand-made by local artists as well. There is such a large variety, you can really find something for anyone.

Get out there and support our small businesses and the next time you are in West Allis, stop by Oniomania, located at 6430 W National Avenue. Happy Shopping!

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