Small Business Saturday: Rodan + Fields, Independent Consultant, Tarah Randazzo

Rodan & Fields, LLC,

This company is known as Rodan + Fields or R+F, and it is an American manufacturer and multi-level marketing company specializing in skincare products.

At Root River Realty, we love featuring small businesses and this one is especially a great one for times like these. Tarah Randazzo is not just a friend of ours, but she is a trusted go-to person for all of our skin care needs!

We realize that so many people have been affected by this terrible pandemic, and R+F could be a great solution for a lot of people who would like to or need to make some extra income!

Here is Tarah's R+F success story:

This picture represents why I started my own business and partnered with the #1 Skincare brand in North America, Rodan and Fields!  

I truly believe in these products and not just because I want to believe in them, but because they truly have brought me life changing results. My acne started as a teen and never went away. I had tried EVERYTHING there is out there to help and nothing consistently worked, until I found Rodan and Fields. I started as a customer and 3 years ago decided to start my own small business and become a consultant.

I love that I get to help others find the life changing products that are best for them. Sometimes it's a teen or adult battling acne, sometimes it's wrinkles or fine lines people want to prevent or eliminate, sometimes it's sensitive skin that needs to be soothed. Other times it's amazing eyelashes or eyebrows people want. We have versatile regimens that simply work! 

I also absolutely have a passion about being able to help others start their own small business.  Not only is the skincare life changing, the residual income, the discount on products, the support, the friendships and professional growth this business brings is incredible. I have been blessed to see what this business and skincare has done for my life, and I truly enjoy seeing what it has done for others too. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are looking for some extra income or have a skincare need.  As a mom to a newborn and also a full time Psychotherapist, I can assure you this little side gig can be worked right into your busy life.

You can reach Tarah directly at 414-380-3340 or visit

or email her at

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