Small Business Saturday: Stadler Photo Lab

Are you a dog owner? A furry friend owner? Or do you know someone who just loves their pet so much and treat them like family? Then you are right where you want to be!

We had the great pleasure of working with Matt Stadler, Owner of Stadler Photo Lab and let us tell you, he created memories that we will have for a lifetime!

We constantly see people doing family portraits, or couple portraits or kids portraits, but what about dog/pet portraits? Like many people out there, we love our dog Jackson (see image below) very much, and as he is getting older we wanted to have memories to last us a lifetime. So, when we found out about Matt’s small business Stadler Photo Lab we could not help but let curiosity get the best of us, and test it out ourselves. And can I tell you we are beyond glad we did! I think the images he captured, bark, I mean speak for themselves!

This is our interview with the owner of Stadler Photo Lab, Matt Stadler, and this is what he had to say about his unique small business:

Q: Can you explain to us what exactly Stadler Photo Lab does/is?

A: Stadler Photo Lab is a pet photography service in Milwaukee county and surrounding areas. Clients for any type of animals. Dogs have been my expertise thus far, but I’m open to any friendly critter (looking forward to the day I can use my macro experience to snap some pet tarantula photos!)

Q: Do you own any friendly critters? Dog? Cat? Furry cuddly Tarantula?

A: Not yet! But never say never! My wife Mandy and I sadly do not have a pet of our own, but we dog sit for numerous friends. When I began to dabble in photography, it was natural to use these cutie pies as models. I loved getting shots of them snoozing in the sunlight, playing with (or destroying) their favorite toys, and posing out in nature. Finding ways to highlight their personalities and special characteristics like a spotted nose or curly tail allowed me to bring joy to their families.

Q: How did you come up with such a unique idea for a business?

A: My wife Mandy actually suggested it. She loved what I was doing with the photos and suggested for me to share my skills by starting a business. At first I laughed and thought she was kidding, appeasing me, but apparently she wasn’t, and we made it happen. To say the least I am beyond grateful for her support and belief in me, I could not have done this without her, and it has been an amazing and rewarding experience thus far.

Q: With such amazing photography skills, have you thought of also photographing humans?

A: I am not one to enjoy giving direction to people, so I started with the intention of exclusively photographing animals. However, recently we made the realization that catching moments of pets with their human families make for some of the most heartfelt shots. I still focus primarily on the pets, but I’m glad to have opened up for more possibilities (although the jury is still out on who is easier to have sit and stay.)

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about what a session entails?

A: I start each session with a general idea of shots to get. Of course, animals do not always follow the plan and come up with their own agenda. The combination of a pet and its environment require me to stay on my toes and be ready for anything. It’s those surprise moments I’m fortunate enough to capture that always give me the best thrill.

Photo sessions typically last approximately 1.5 hours. Clients are charged a flat fee and receive 40-100 photos after a couple weeks.

Q: Do you have specific photo shoot locations?

A: Photo shoot locations depend on client preference and also the season. We have shot inside living rooms, in back yards, and local parks. Anywhere is possible as long as their pet is comfortable.

Q: So how can someone contact you for their next amazing session?

A: I can be reached through

and @stadlerphotolabrador

Q: Any last thoughts you want to add?

A: I strive to create memorable photos, and always try to catch unique perspectives that owners may have never seen before. Your pet is even more beautiful than you realize; let me show you (Yes, even that tarantula!)

Please be sure to visit Matt's facebook page for more amazing, adorable and memorable photos and book your next session, you won't regret it!

Blog and Interview conducted and written by Pilar Weigel with the cooperation of Matt Stadler, owner of Stadler Photo Lab.

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