Thoughtful Thursday: I WANT SPACE! Where can I find the largest apartments in America?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

While location and budget are extremely important in your search for the perfect apartment, the size of your living space is as relevant as ever. And, oftentimes, it’s not just about the number of bedrooms an apartment has, but how many square feet of space it offers. Fortunately, finding a larger apartment is easier now for those who are working remotely and finally have the option to move further away from the city.

So, where can you find a larger apartment? We looked at the 30 most populous U.S. metropolitan areas to determine where the largest apartments were in each metro. Using data from Yardi Matrix, we analyzed the average size of apartments in large buildings of 50 or more units.

Of all the cities, towns, and villages analyzed in the top 30 most populous metro areas in the nation, Johns Creek in the Atlanta metro area has the largest apartments, with an average apartment size of 1,225 sq. ft. The second-largest apartments are in Wellington in the Miami metro area and the third-most spacious are in Lake Wylie in the Charlotte metro area , being the only other cities with average apartment sizes larger than 1,200 sq. ft. Here are the largest apartments in every metro:

1. Johns Creek, GA (Atlanta Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,225 sq. ft.

Population: 84,000

Located North of Atlanta

City of Atlanta Average Apartment Size: 978 sq. ft.

2. Wellington, FL (Miami Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,208 sq. ft.

Population: 64,000

Located North of Miami in Palm Beach County

City of Miami Average Apartment Size: 890 sq. ft.

3. Lake Wylie, SC (Charlotte Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,205 sq. ft.

Population: 13,000

Located Southwest of Charlotte

City of Charlotte Average Apartment Size: 941 sq. ft.

4. Pikesville, MD (Baltimore Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,185 sq. ft.

Population: 33,000

Located Northwest of Baltimore

City of Baltimore Average Apartment Size: 825 sq. ft.

5. Longwood, FL (Orlando Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,178 sq. ft.

Population: 15,000

Located North of Orlando

City of Orlando Average Apartment Size: 958 sq. ft.

6. Avenel, NJ (New York Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,176 sq. ft.

Population: 19,000

Located Southwest of New York City

City of New York Average Apartment Size: 748 sq. ft.

7. Park Forest, IL (Chicago Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,168 sq. ft.

Population: 22,000

Located South of Chicago

City of Chicago Average Apartment Size: 742 sq. ft.

8. Bear, DE (Philadelphia Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,141 sq. ft.

Population: 21,000

Located Southwest of Philadelphia

City of Philadelphia Average Apartment Size: 808 sq. ft.

9. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Los Angeles Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,133 sq. ft.

Population: 42,000

Located South of Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles Average Apartment Size: 791 sq. ft.

10. Woodbury, MN (Minneapolis Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,123 sq. ft.

Population: 69,000

Located East of Minneapolis

City of Minneapolis Average Apartment Size: 786 sq. ft.

11. Edwardsville, IL (St. Louis Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,119 sq. ft.

Population: 25,000

Located Northeast of St. Louis

City of St. Louis Average Apartment Size: 845 sq. ft.

12. Oxford, OH (Cincinnati Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,112 sq. ft.

Population: 23,000

Located North of Cincinnati

City of Cincinnati Average Apartment Size: 870 sq. ft.

13. Wildomar, CA (Riverside Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,103 sq. ft.

Population: 36,000

Located South of Riverside

City of Riverside Average Apartment Size: 851 sq. ft.

14. Southfield, MI (Detroit Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,103 sq. ft.

Population: 73,000

Located Northwest of Detroit

City of Detroit Average Apartment Size: 780 sq. ft.

15. Issaquah, WA (Seattle Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,088 sq. ft.

Population: 37,000

Located East of Seattle

City of Seattle Average Apartment Size: 702 sq. ft.

16. Trinity, FL (Tampa Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,073 sq. ft.

Population: 11,000

Located Northwest of Tampa

City of Tampa Average Apartment Size: 930 sq. ft.

17. Camp Springs, MD (Washington DC Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,055 sq. ft.

Population: 22,000

Located Southeast of Washington DC

City of Washington DC Average Apartment Size: 741 sq. ft.

18. Prosper, TX (Dallas Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,051 sq. ft.

Population: 19,000

Located North of Dallas

City of Dallas Average Apartment Size: 847 sq. ft.

19. West Linn, OR (Portland Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,050 sq. ft.

Population: 27,000

Located South of Portland

City of Portland Average Apartment Size: 765 sq. ft.

20. Greenwood Village, CO (Denver Metro)

Average apartment size: 1,029 sq. ft.

Population: 16,000

Located South of Denver

City of Denver Average Apartment Size: 844 sq. ft.

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