Top tips on how we keep the buyers and sellers safe while conducting showings

We know this is a fearful time for all, and here at Root River Realty, our clients and their safety are always our upmost importance. Since we do not know when this pandemic will end, we want to share with you some of the preventive measures we are taking to keep you and your families safe during the buying and/or selling process.

1. We confirm that neither the seller or the buyer have any symptoms of illness or Covid-19

2. We schedule private showings, so only one group of buyers is at the home at one time. With that said, we always try to schedule them over one consolidated period of time instead of having multiple private showings at various times throughout a day or week. We feel this is safer, since then, the seller will not have to come home after every single private showing and thoroughly clean their home. Whereas, after many showings over a few hours, they would be much more likely to come home and clean once and for all.

3. We always ask that the next group wait outside until the current showing has commenced, hence keeping people separated at all times

4. We provide all safety measures like face masks, sanitizer and rubber gloves to all entering the home, and enforce the CDC recommendations to wear a mask

5. We often ask the sellers to leave some cabinets and closets open so buyers can see the space while limiting the touching of surfaces

6. We kindly ask everyone to not use the seller’s bathroom and also to please refrain from touching surfaces

7. We offer virtual tours for those who do not feel comfortable going to the actual space

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